Fillosophy Special

Product Details:

  • 96 oz of a Variety of our Products:

    • Hand Soap (Lemon Scented)

    • Dish Soap (Lemon Scented)

    • Liquid Detergent (Lavender Scented)

    • All-Purpose Cleaner

    • Body Wash (Orange Bergamot)

    • Lotion

  • Two Sets of Dryer Balls

  • Two Sets of Dishcloths

  • 4 Loofahs


Our Fillosophy’s Special package includes 96 oz of each product in our line, reusable dish cloths and wool balls, and 4 naturally sourced loofahs. With this purchase, you will never miss out on trying any of our products, which contain ingredients and materials sustainably sourced. Save a trip to the store and buy this bulk package that will last you months!