Filling Jars, Not Landfills

What is Fillosophy?

Fillosophy strives to provide an easy transition into a more eco-friendly lifestyle by helping eliminate single-use plastics that come with soap bottles, detergent containers, and other single-use products.


As a mobile refill station, we provide 3 trailer stations located across Orange County, located from colleges to farmers' farmers, bringing accessibility and convenience. Combined with frequent social media updates, our consumers are always in the loop as we continue our efforts to fill jars and not landfills.

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filling jars, not landfills

  • 80.1 million tons of waste is produced in plastic packaging and containers each year

  • Only 8.4% of all plastic is recycled

  • By filling reusable jars, we are contributing less to plastic waste in landfills


How it works:

  1. Locate one of our 3 trailers

  2. Bring your container of choice

  3. We weigh and tare your container

  4. Refill with one of our products

  5. Follow us on social media @vefvhs for updates